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Enamelling operations

Our company is acting also as job-enamelling company, offering enamelling in manufacturing companies, producing hot-water tanks and other home appliances requiring enamelling in a field of 20.000 m² and a covered area of 9.000 m².

Expanded fast also by enamelling hot-water tanks, acting since then as job-enamelling company.

By adapting our techniques and the combination of our materials, we ensure the ideal coverage of your needs.

2 types of furnaces are working, one operating continuously the other step-by-step.
Of course all those operations are supported by engineering of many and different for each use equipment and well-trained personnel.



Enamelling, also called porcelain enamelling in our case, is a very ancient method that is applied to protect steel-metal surfaces from corrosion against liquid, solids or gas ingredients. Potentially offers the most reliable results, following the highest hygiene standards. The enamelling complex of EBYK, consists of advanced technological equipment, that has refurbished previously and rearranged with the addition of new automatic production lines. Within this complex, is servicing enamelling operations for items on behalf of third parties as job-enamellers.

ΕΒΥΚ - Enamelling operations


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