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Enamelling, also called porcelain enamelling in our case, is a very ancient method that is applied to protect steel-metal surfaces from corrosion against liquid, solids or gas ingredients. Potentially offers the most reliable results, following the highest hygiene standards. The enamelling complex of EBYK, consists of advanced technological equipment, that has refurbished previously and rearranged with the addition of new automatic production lines. Within this complex, is servicing enamelling operations for items on behalf of third parties as job-enamellers.

We offer enamelling operations for :

  • Hot-water tanks, of service or potable water, for home or professional use, for electric, natural gas, LPG, wood or diesel-oil boilers.
  • Appliances for cooking, grilling and heating (electric, carbon, wood, natural gas, LPG or diesel-oil).
  • Construction frames and road signage and plates.
  • Household appliances.
  • Flues and mufflers.
  • Any special custom requirements for enamelling.

The enamelling complex of EBYK is consisted of pretreatment line baths for degreasing, certain spraying cabins (hand or automatic operated) and conveyors’ systems, drying chambers and hot-air conveyors, recently refurbished. Frits and all raw materials for enamelling are purchased from esteemed companies all over the world. All these are composed to an effort to offer our best.
EBYK, operates 16 hours a day, 6:00AM to 10:00PM and guarantees just-in-time delivery. Our warehouse is at our customers’ disposal for the storage of their finished products before they are collected by the carrier so that transport downtime is minimised. (Time to market).


What is enamelling

From the ancient time of Ptolemy’s dynasty, enamelling on a metal surface was applied to declare permanency. The death mask of the young child and king Tutankhamen, is staying for centuries in perfect condition, just another excellent proof of enamelling permanency.
Is a fine glass layer that bonds with chemical and physical features on metal in high temperatures of approximately 850° Celsius.
First fire is sprayed over steel-metal surface and fired in furnace in order to obtain a stable bond with metal base.
Second layer, which is sprayed or dipped, in order to achieve, the vast colored variety of which enamel is famous.


  • ACID RESISTENCE. Enamel endures in chemical or food home stains.
  • CORROSION ENDURENCE. Enamel will never be oxidized. It is an inorganic material and proof against στα mineral salts, air, humidity and many chemical solutions.
  • ENDURENCE IN SCRATCHES. Due to inherent of its hardness, enamel is extremely difficult for scratches, cut or etched under normal home use.
  • FIRE-RESISTANT. Enamel cannot ignite or burned, as other organic overcoats. No trace from cigarette or open fire will remain on.
  • SOFT SURFACE PERFECTION. Enamel, permeates perfect finish, perfectly sterilized from germs, never sustain odors and can be easily be cleaned-up with common home detergents (not with rumble strip texture).
  • CHROMATIC DURATION. In grace of its processing h high temperature, enamel preserves the initial color and its luster, never bleach never dazzle, like other articled made by organic materials.

On where enamelling is applied and why ?

Enamel is odorless, sustain in stains, fire-resistant in high temperatures and resistant in almost all substances. Therefore has a very wide range of uses.

  • At home – solar systems, bains, laundries, washing machines, hot-water boilers and heaters, fireplaces, electric (gas and wood) cookers, cookware and BBQ.
  • In places that cannot be seen – use of hot-water, solar systems, water tanks and buffers, exhaust pipes, mufflers, circuit boards και heat exchangers.
  • In places that can be seen – road and railway signage and (street) plates, αλλά και υπενθύμισης όπως και επιτοίχιες διακοσμήσεις.
  • In constructing companies – indoor and outdoor architectural partition walls and building facades.

EBYK is proud of its best enamelling quality of products, which are enamelled for 40 years in Greece.
Enamel has the hardness of glass and the endurance of steel.

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