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EBYK is established in 1931 by George Peftitselis senior in Thessaloniki (northern Greece) as manufacturing family company, manufacturing wood-burning stoves and cookers.
Following market demand, during ’50s, EBYK launched heating appliances burning diesel-oil and by the presence of the 3 sons of George Peftitselis, company expanded sales all over Greece.
During ‘60s EBYK developed manufacturing heating appliances such as diesel-oil stoves, aitherms and cookers, having a good reputation and been considered, as the most reliable and qualified in this field.
In ‘70s EBYK was based in Anghialos Thessaloniki and started enamelling flat items for start, expanding building capacities and buying enamelling installations from Germany.

Expanded fast also by enamelling hot-water tanks, acting since then as job-enamelling company.
New buildings were erected and also erected covered areas to cover items before and after enamelling.
Certain important improvements were designed and constructed in order to support enamelling activities in parallel for flat and tanks items.
Start fully working for enamelling, using always liquid bath pretreatment and applying liquid slip applications in automatic and hand operated enamelling lines.
Our company is acting also as job-enamelling company, offering enamelling in manufacturing companies, producing hot-water tanks and other home appliances requiring enamelling in a field of 20.000 m² and a covered area of 9.000 m².


2 types of furnaces are working, one operating continuously the other step-by-step.
Of course all those operations are supported by engineering of many and different for each use equipment and well-trained personnel.
Various sizes of hot-water tanks can be enamelled and various flatware items as-well, highly concentrated to our clients’ specific demands.
EBYK is following all European regulations for the protection of the environment.
Last but not least, any and each one of the materials that are required for enamelling operation, are purchased from dominant companies from Greece and mainly abroad, All of them are keeping valid ISO 9000 norms certificates, following REACH regulation and also RoHS directive.

ΕΒΥΚ - Enamelling operations


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